ACU students practice compassion, aid Haitian relief

Posted January 14, 2010

  A discussion about compassion of the early church became intensely real to students in an ACU Bible class Wednesday morning as news of the major earthquake in Haiti began streaming in.

Students in Mike Cope's Acts-Revelation class were reading about the earthquake on their iPhones. Discussion turned to the news on every student's mind. And then they put it all together. "How can we help?"Class members spontaneously donated more than $780 to aid the relief efforts in that one class period, Cope said.

"We talked about Haiti's lack of safety net, with no fire department to call if your baby is trapped and no 911 to call if your spouse is bleeding to death," said Cope.

The Abilene Christian University community as a whole will have a chance to help the people of Haiti next week.

Brad Gautney, an ACU alumnus and missionary to Haiti, is traveling with a team to Port-au-Prince. Gautney will be among those who assess the situation and determine where funds could best be used. His ministry, Manna Global Missions, as well as other mission efforts to which the ACU community is connected will help determine the university’s response.

To read more about the outpouring of love from ACU students and about how to get involved, visit Mike Cope's blog.