ACU begins transition into new email system on G-Day, April 11

Posted April 10, 2007 google launchAbilene Christian University is partnering with Google to launch a new G-mail system for managing ACU email accounts on "G-Day" April 11 at 8 a.m. The new system is part of Google Apps for Education, which includes G-mail for managing email accounts, Google calendar, documents, spreadsheets and Google Talk.

ACU is one of the first full faculty, staff and student deployments of the new Google system in the United States.

Beginning on "G-Day," students, faculty and staff will have the option to switch over to the G-mail system and begin using the Google services. The complete transition to G-mail from the old Webmail system will conclude in September 2007.

"We are fortunate to be one of the first universities to begin a partnership like this with Google," said Kay Reeves, director of technology support services. "Schools revolve around communication and collaboration, and these new services from Google are changing what's possible within educational communities."

Features of the Google system will include enhanced spam filtering, email search capabilities, calendars, tagging capabilities for tracking emails and chatting. Participants will keep their existing email addresses, and Google will maintain the email servers for ACU, creating less expense for the university.

"One of the biggest advantages to using Google is that, like Webmail, it can be accessed universally," said Reeves. "Not only does the new system offer a superior way to organize mail, it allows for instant communication through the chat function."

To help make the transition smooth for students, faculty and staff, online videos will be available to guide participants through the transfer process. Training classes and open labs have also been scheduled for those wanting to learn the system in a more hands-on environment.

For more information and a tour of the new G-mail system, visit