Off Campus Access

Follow these steps to access ACU library's subscribed resources from off campus (or to troubleshoot problems):

1. Do you know your ACU assigned username and password? (for example, your username looks like mda98a)

2. If you do not know #1, go to this page and fill out the form:

3. If you do know #1, use OneSearch or another database to start using resources.

4. If you are having trouble connecting (errors, firewalls, proxy, maxvirtualhosts, etc.) please send Melissa Atkinson an email with error details and what link you were trying to access ( You can also check for common problems using the Troubleshooting Guide.

5. If you are getting username or password errors, contact Team55, student technology: or toll free number 1-888-588-4093. Faculty can contact the Help Desk at 325-674-4357.

ACU library's subscription-based databases are only for use by current ACU faculty, students and staff. If you are alumni, please contact us about access to databases for alumni.