Frequently Asked Questions  

Parent Specific  

1. What if I have a question or my student has a problem, but I don’t know who to call?

  • Feel free to contact The Depot at 325-674-2300 or 888-588-6083 and they will be able to assist you.

2. What if I have an after-hours emergency? What if I need to get emergency information to my student?

  • Campus police are available 24/7 to handle any emergencies you might experience. They may be reached at 325-674-2305.

3. What resources are available to my student?

  • ACU has an abundant amount of resources for our students. Please visit The Depot to learn more.

4. How can I remain current with what is happening at ACU? 

  • There are several outlets available by which you can keep up with ACU including our website, social media and the Optimist (ACU’s award-winning student-run newspaper).

5. Is there an organization for ACU parents?

6. What and when is Family Weekend?

7. If I want to do something on my student’s birthday, or perhaps during finals, do you have someone who can help me?

  • Yes, you may visit the Campus Store website to purchase Wildcat Kits, balloon bouquets, monster cookies and a variety of other snacks and treats for your student(s).

8. Where can I get an ACU Mom and/or ACU Dad bumper sticker?

  • You can purchase ACU bumper stickers and authentic ACU apparel at the Campus Store located in the Campus Center.

9. Can you tell me more about ACU’s dining services?

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10. Is there an ATM on campus?

  • Yes, there is an ATM available for students to use located in the Campus Center, next to mail services. It is owned by First Financial Bank.

11. Where can my student go to cash a check?

  • Students may cash checks up to $100 at the Campus Store.

12. Who can I contact about payment issues or questions about billing?

  • The Depot is available to answer all payment and billing questions at 325-674-2300 or 888-588-6083.

13. Who can I contact about financial aid issues?

14. Is it possible to change a meal plan?

  • Yes, students may change their meal plan selection anytime during the first 12 days of class. Students may change meal plan selections online through myACU.

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15. My student has been very involved with community service and leadership throughout high school. Does ACU offer any programs where my student can continue this service?

16. What extracurricular activities are available for my student to participate in?

17. What spiritual formation activities are available for my student to participate in on campus?

  • ACU offers a variety of spiritually focused activities for students. Learn more about spiritual life and student ministries at ACU.

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18. Will my child be given an academic advisor?

  • Students are actually assigned two advisors. The Degree Plan Specialist assists students with schedule building, degree plans, degree audits, graduation requirements and applications, holds, permits, and changes of program. The Faculty Advisor works with mentoring, developmental goals, major/program decisions, and career/vocational needs. These may be the same person. Students may contact their department to see who their advisor is. If they are undeclared they may call the Academic Development Center at 325-674-6400.

19. What resources are available for my student who is having trouble selecting a major?

  • The Academic Development Center (located in the lower level of McKinzie Hall) is available to all students for assistance in selecting a major. Your student may also be interested in the Discovery Program hosted by our Career Center.

20. Will a copy of my student’s grades be mailed to my home?

  • No. Rather, your student can access their grades by taking the following steps:
    1. Log into myACU
    2.Click on the Banner link in the top left-hand corner menu
    3. Click on the “Student and Financial Aid” menu
    4. Click on “Student Records”
    5. Select “Final Grades”

21. Is assistance provided to students with learning disabilities?

  • Yes, the Alpha Scholars program is available to assist and support students with learning disabilities and they are located in the lower level of the Brown library.

22. Who should my student contact to update contact information?

  • Students wishing to change their address should log-in to myACU and click on the Banner link in the top left-hand corner menu. In the "Personal Information" box, select “View/Change my Addresses.”

23. What study abroad opportunities does ACU offer?

  • ACU offers a variety of study abroad opportunities for its students. Visit the Study Abroad website for detailed information about these exciting programs.

24. How does my student get a transcript to send to graduate schools?

25. Where can my student and I get information on Commencement?

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Residence Life  

26. What are the housing requirements of students at ACU?

  • First and second-year students are required to live on campus. Please read more about our Residency Policy online.

27. How do I find more information regarding residence hall policies and restrictions?

28. When does my son or daughter have to move out after finals week?

  • All students are required to move out of the hall 24 hours after their last final. Students who have not moved out after the 24 hour period may be subject to late check-out fines. Residence halls close on Saturday at noon of finals week.

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29. To whom can students go if they need computer assistance?

  • Students may visit the Team55 help desk, located in the Library Learning Commons, or visit the Team55 website.

30. Are computer labs available for students to use?

  • Depending on residence hall, students have computers, printers, and study rooms available. In addition, there are several computers available for use in the Learning Commons found in the Brown Library as well as a computer lab and printers that are available for their use.

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