Varner publishes book on Romanticism in Literature

Posted March 09, 2015

Paul Varner, scholar-in-residence for the Department of Language and Literature at Abilene Christian University, has published a new book.

The Historical Dictionary of Romanticism in Literature, dives into the Romantic Movement touching on subjects such as art, politics, people and literature of the era.

“The Romantic Movement was a paradigm-changing period in history, so I was naturally attracted to it,” Varner said, “but I also have always been a student of Romanticism because of the incredibly great literature and writers it produced in England, the U.S. and the continent. Modernism and postmodernism resulted naturally from Romanticism.”

The book is described by its publisher, Rowman and Littlefield, as “an excellent access point for students, researchers and anyone wanting to know more romanticism in literature.” Flipping through the pages, you will find a 600-page dictionary section referencing literary works and their writers as well as extensive biographies that make the spirit of the time come alive.

Varner came to ACU in 2007 with his wife, Dr. Jeanine Varner, and retired last May. He has published six other scholarly books in his time at the university, three of which are part of this series: Historical Dictionary of Westerns in Cinema (2008), Historical Dictionary of Westerns in Literature (2010) and Historical Dictionary of the Beat Movement (2012).

The Historical Dictionary of Romanticism in Literature is available on

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