Huddleston's research published in international reading journal

Posted October 14, 2014

An article by Dr. Andrew Huddleston, assistant professor of teacher education, and his undergraduate research assistant Tara Lowe has been published in The Reading Teacher, a peer-reviewed journal that provides research-based teaching ideas to literacy educators working with children up to age 12.

Huddleston and Lowe’s article, “I Skim and Find the Answers,” explores literacy challenges faced by 10 fifth-grade students receiving intervention in reading through the state of Georgia’s test-based grade retention policy. The study is based on Huddleston’s award-winning dissertation and features an updated analysis of his findings with recommendations for teachers to improve students’ reading experiences.

“Tara and I were very pleased to have our work published in The Reading Teacher,” says Huddleston. “It's a great journal that is read by teachers across the country. We're hopeful that the strategies we provide can be helpful to teachers as they work with reluctant readers.”

“This opportunity was eye-opening for me,” adds Lowe, senior elementary education major from Springtown. “This research has strengthened me as a teacher, because I gained a better knowledge of how to analyze the strategies my students will use in the classroom and on tests.”

The International Reading Association (IRA) recognized Huddleston at its 2013 annual conference as a finalist for the IRA Dissertation of the Year Award. His dissertation was chosen based on quality of scholarship and the significance of his research to the field of reading.

The IRA is a nonprofit, global network of individuals and institutions with more than 56,000 members committed to worldwide literacy. Its journal, The Reading Teacher, is a top-tier practitioner journal with a 15% acceptance rate for article submissions.

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