Registration open for Maker Academy 2014

Posted April 30, 2014

The ACU Maker Lab will offer its first set of Maker Academy workshops this summer. Students learn how to think like designers, then quickly prototype and fabricate their creations using cutting-edge digital technology.

Nil Santana, director of ACU's Maker Lab, says:

"This is an exciting time for us at the Maker Lab as the creative learning revolution continues to gain force around the world. The availability of new tools and technology – things like 3D printers, microprocessors, and wearable – are coming on the scene at an unprecedented pace. 

At the Maker Lab we believe the next wave of critical thinkers must also embrace critical making. Simply stated, the Maker Movement creates spaces for affordable and quick production while sharing tools and ideas online. This builds a collaborative community of global problem-solvers and, as a result, countless opportunities to learn by doing."

The three camps will take place in June on the following dates:

One-Day Camp: June 10
Age group: Grades 4-5
Number of participants: 20
Registration fee: $25

Two-Day Camp: June 11 & 12
Age group: Grades 6-8
Number of participants: 20
Registration fee: $50

Four-Day Camp: June 16-19
Age group: Grades 9-12
Number of participants: 20
Registration fee: $100

To register and find more information visit the Maker Lab


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