Hamilton named Seymour Gitin Distinguished Professor

Posted April 17, 2014 The W.F. Albright Institute for Archaeological Research (AIAR) recently named Dr. Mark Hamilton, ACU professor of Old Testament in the Graduate School of Theology (GST), a Seymour Gitin Distinguished Professor for Fall 2014. The honor is open to internationally recognized scholars of all nationalities who have made significant contributions to their fields of study.

Hamilton’s research interests include portrayals of God, practices of rhetoric and ancient Israelite and Near Eastern culture and religion, especially kingship and religion. Hamilton says he enjoys relating the ancient texts to the ongoing life of the church. During Hamilton’s sabbatical leave as a Seymour Gitin Distinguished Professor, he intends to work on publications related to divine kingship and divine embodiment.

The AIAR in Jerusalem is the oldest American research center for ancient Near Eastern studies in the Middle East. Founded in 1900 as the American School of Oriental Research (ASOR), it was renamed in 1970 after its most distinguished director, William Foxwell Albright. Today, the AIAR is one of three separately incorporated institutes affiliated with ASOR, the others being in Amman and Nicosia.

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