"Reconsidering College" looks at Christian adult education

Posted March 07, 2014

Cornerstone University provost and author Dr. Rick Ostrander has an 
insider's perspective on the life of a non-traditional student: he has been 
one himself. In his new book, "Reconsidering College: Christian Higher 
Education for Working 
Adults" (Abilene 
Christian University Press), Ostrander argues that working adult 
Christians should consider getting a college degree, despite the challenges 
they might face. He also believes Christian colleges should reach out to 
non-traditional students.

The book addresses important topics, such as:

  • The practical and intrinsic value of education for working adults 
  • Christian worldview and adult education: What difference does it make?
  • Integrating faith while learning and living in the professional world

"At ACU, we're glad to offer the kinds of graduate programs Dr. Ostrander 
extols," says managing director of online programs Corey Patterson. "We 
provide working adults with the flexibility, significant learning 
experiences, and integration of faith they desire."

About the author

Rick Ostrander holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in American History from the 
University of Notre Dame. His book "Why College Matters to God: An 
Introduction to the Christian 
is one of the leading texts used by Christian college and universities for 
first-year seminars and new faculty orientations.

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College" online

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