COBA Grads 'Go Social!'

Posted March 07, 2014

Three graduates of ACU's College of Business Administration, along with 
three colleagues, have teamed up to create SocialRest, a new app to measure 
social shareability, engagement and conversions made from a brand's website 
content across social platforms.

In the fall of 2012, SocialRest founder Clay Selby ('11) pitched the idea 
for his team's new app at a conference in San Antonio. After a long process 
of building, measuring and learning, SocialRest became a reality.

The SocialRest team, which includes Selby's fellow COBA grads Brad Neathery 
('11) and Braxton Huggins ('10), expects the site to become the premier 
listening tool for B2C (business to consumer) brands with shareable 

SocialRest has recently been ranked by ClubLab (a London 
philanthropic agency) as one of 12 start-ups to watch in 2014, alongside 
high-caliber brands like Nest (acquired by Google), Topsy (acquired by 
Apple), and other well-known start-ups. In February, SocialRest increased 
Twitter followers by 1200% and received more than 20,000 social mentions.

"Christ calls us to serve his people in everything that we do, and 
philanthropy is nothing more than an act of service," says Neathery. 
"SocialRest is made up of team members that are constantly stumbling toward 
the cross together, and our foundation is built upon accountability in 
business and in life."

"SocialRest exemplifies the values COBA instills in students, preparing 
them to go into the world with a missional mindset and determination to 
bring glory to Christ through all aspects of life," says Tim Johnston, a 
member of COBA's career development team.

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