KACU Adds New NPR Programs

Posted January 23, 2014

Abilene's NPR station, 89.7 KACU, has begun airing additional NPR programing.

New to the station's schedule:

  • The live call-in talk show "On Point"
  • The news magazine "Here and Now"
  • The long-requested arts and culture program "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross
  • "This American Life"
  • "Radiolab"
  • "TED Radio Hour"

"Abilene deserves to hear the best content public radio has to offer," says new KACU general manager Nathan Gibbs ('00). "It's no longer enough to only provide news to our listeners in the morning and afternoons. In today's connected world, it's even more important to have access throughout the day to news you can trust."

Gibbs, who is also an assistant professor of journalism and mass communication at ACU, joined KACU in October 2013 after nine years at KPBS, the NPR radio and PBS television station in San Diego, Calif.

After 20 years as an NPR-affiliated station, KACU became an official NPR members station this past fall. Gibbs says the investment in new national programs is part of a strategic shift to strengthen the station's commitment to its listener base.

"NPR programming stands apart from other news sources for its nonpartisan perspective. It's not about creating scandals out of everyday events to generate ratings. It's a smart, thoughtful source of news and information, arts and culture, and powerful stories."

KACU conducted an online survey to ask listeners how an increase in public affairs programming during daytime hours would affect listening habits and donations.

"Of course, it costs more to add top-quality programs like these, but I believe the community will support the new shows during our spring fundraising campaign and beyond," says Gibbs.

Listeners will also begin hearing more local news during "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered." KACU has partnered with The Texas Tribune in Austin and is working on partnerships with Abilene news organizations.

Listen online at kacu.org

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