Research council highlights work by ACU students

Posted December 09, 2013

The Council on Undergraduate Research highlights work published in journals by undergraduate researchers. Three recent featured papers were written by ACU students.

  • Education major Katie Hathorn and her mentor, assistant professor of teacher education Dr. Sheila Delony, were featured in the Social Science section of the CUR's website for their paper, "Teacher influence on book selection of third grade students." It was published in the Georgia Journal of Reading.
  • Former undergraduate researcher Alex Reed and his mentor, assistant professor of social work Dr. Stephen Baldridge, were featured in the Social Science section for their paper, "Mobile Classrooms: Using Mobile Devices to Enhance BSW Education." It was published in The Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work.
  • Former undergraduate researchers Kayla Piper, Jade Jung and Brittany Newton and their mentor, professor of chemistry Dr. Greg Powell, were featured in the Chemistry section for their paper, "Reactions of Os3(CO)12 with carboxylic acids in a microwave reactor; synthesis of Os2(benzoate)2(CO)6, a dinuclear osmium(I) compound with aromatic carboxylate ligands." It was published in the Journal of Organometallic Chemistry.

Also, senior marketing major Ashley Truong  and her mentor, professor of human resource management Dr. Malcolm Coco, recently had their article "Student and Company Reactions to a University Internship Program: Content Analysis" published in the International Journal of Education Research.

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