ACU Press launches book cover design contest

Posted October 24, 2013

Win $500 and the opportunity to see your original design appear on a book cover by taking part in the ACU Press “Judge a Book by Its Cover” contest. Designs for two books, What Would Jesus Undo? and To An Unknown God, can be submitted to ACU Press and its Leafwood Publishers imprint through December 13. 

Book descriptions:

  • What Would Jesus Undo? by Michael Boggs discusses the barriers that stand between God and the people he loves. The book addresses how Jesus works to break down the obstacles seen in the New Testament that hinder a relationship with him. It acknowledges that many of those barriers are still in place today.
  • To An Unknown God by Jon Walker asks Christians to consider the God they serve. It also exposes the hazards Christians face by blindly following a God they don't know. Walker is also the author of Costly Grace.

The contest winner will be announced during a January chapel period at ACU. If the winning design is used for the final book, the prize winner will receive credit and a copy of the book with the winning cover illustration, along with $500. Both books will be published in the fall of 2014.

Contest submission instructions, terms and conditions

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