Money, Foster contribute to book on racial reconciliation

Posted September 16, 2013

Dr. Doug Foster, professor of church history and director of the Center for 
Restoration Studies, and ACU chancellor Dr. Royce Money share their 
biblical knowledge in the essays they contributed to *Unfinished 
Reconciliation*, a compilation of essays recently published by ACU Press. 
The book explores the biblical themes of justice and reconciliation and 
their applications to racism in the church.

“This story of frustration and setback needs to be told, for from it we 
learn how to move toward authentic and effective reconciliation in Christ,” 
says Money. “My essay highlights Christian reconciliation, personal 
reflections and the challenges that remain."

Foster shares an essay on how race became a central part of the identity of 
the Churches of Christ. The essay provides a description of some hopeful 
moves toward removing the barriers caused by attitudes of white supremacy 
and a call to continue to allow God's Spirit to break down the walls of 

The book grew out of the 2001 Biblical Preaching Seminar at Lipscomb 
University and the 2011 Christian Scholars Conference at Pepperdine 
University. As the topic of preaching social justice was addressed at these 
academic conferences, it became clear that Churches of Christ still needed 
to address racial reconciliation due to their years of institutional 
racism. The book gives evidence to the reconciliation that took place 
between the two conferences and the work that still remains.

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