ACU to offer graduate certificate in Enrollment Management

Posted July 17, 2013

ACU is pleased to announce a new online graduate Certificate in Enrollment Management. Pending final approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), ACU will offer this program beginning in Spring 2014.

The proposed certificate is designed to prepare enrollment management professionals to become leaders in the areas of recruitment, marketing, retention and financial aid. Students will complete four online courses and participate in a three-day residency at ACU at CitySquare in Dallas.

"The field of enrollment management is constantly evolving, and more than 4,000 colleges and universities nationwide utilize enrollment personnel. We believe this new program will give young professionals an edge toward advancement in the field,” says Dr. Carley Dodd, dean of the university’s Graduate School. “We are very pleased about the opportunity this program will bring to our students at ACU.”

“Only one other university in the U.S. offers curriculum in this area from a faith-based perspective, yet there are more than 200 faith-based colleges and universities nationwide that employ enrollment management professionals,” says program co-director Dr. Jason Morris. “Through this certificate program, we can provide the knowledge and training based on theological perspectives that these professionals need. If, on the other hand, graduates of our program assume positions at our secular counterparts, they will have the opportunity to be salt and light to those with whom they work. Either way, it’s a clear win for our students.”

Key Points

  • 12-hour online graduate certificate
  • Designed for individuals with or without prior graduate coursework
  • First cohort will begin January 2014; first residency is scheduled for May 2014
  • Students should be currently employed with an enrollment management organization or have at least one year of experience as an enrollment professional
  • Students can enter at any point during the program
  • Students who complete the Certificate in Enrollment Management may receive up to three hours of credit toward ACU’s masters degree in Higher Education


Students will be able to:

  • Integrate the historical underpinnings, functionality and professional standards of enrollment management into professional practice
  • Demonstrate an understanding of prospecting and enrollment marketing
  • Administer appropriate admissions decisions strategies related to the recruitment and selection of students
  • Demonstrate an understanding of tuition pricing, discounting and financial aid
  • Demonstrate an understanding student orientation, advising, retention and the ongoing management of enrollment

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