Grad students publish new journal

Posted June 26, 2013

The ACU Graduate Student Association announces the inaugural online publication of Conversations: A Graduate Journal of the Humanities, Social Science and Theology. The new peer-reviewed journal's first issue will include six papers from ACU students pursuing degrees in biblical studies, English, and organizational and human resource development.

Conversations, produced by ACU graduate students, will be published twice each year, in May and December. Submissions by graduate students and alumni will be accepted until March 1 for the May issue and Oct. 15 for the December issue.

The ACU Graduate Student Association, under the leadership of former president James Prather, has worked with the ACU Graduate School, graduate faculty members and the ACU Library to make this publication possible.

"Having such a journal is more than inspiring," says Dr. Carley Dodd, dean of ACU's Graduate School. "It also provides research opportunities. That in turn encourages scholarly achievement among current and future graduate students. ACU graduate students are demonstrating high-quality academic output while still in the thick of their studies."

Please visit the Conversations website to see where students may submit their work for consideration.


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