NYC casting director prepares theatre students for auditions

Posted June 11, 2013

This spring, students from ACU’s Department of Theatre received firsthand 
feedback from a New York casting director through the university’s 
connection to the Tepper Semester Program. A film-casting workshop hosted 
on ACU’s campus gave students experience working with casting professionals 
in a small group setting.

The Tepper Semester is a unique program in which the ACU Theatre is partnering with the Syracuse University Department of Drama to give students the opportunity to live and study in New York City.Watch highlights from the
film-casting workshop

“The workshop gave our students a little taste of what it might be like at 
future casting auditions,” said Adam Hester, chair of the department. He 
added, “Working with these professionals helps students realize that 
casting professionals aren't scary.”

The Tepper Semester is a partnership with Syracuse University’s Department 
of Drama, which gives students the opportunity to live and study in New 
York City for a semester. The program allows students to be fully immersed 
in the New York theatre environment while receiving instruction from 
Broadway professionals and Tony-Award-winning instructors.

“This connection with the Tepper program is vital for our students,” said 
Hester. “They can receive a Christian education while also learning to be 
competitive in the theatre marketplace.”

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