ACU honors 150 Who's Who nominees

Posted May 08, 2013

One hundred and fifty ACU students were named to Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges for their academic achievements and commitment to service during this academic year. Who's Who Among Students is one of the most highly regarded and long-standing honors programs in the nation, recognizing only the highest achieving upperclassmen at universities around the country.

While the number of students nominated is determined by the Who's Who organization, individual students were nominated by faculty in each department and by ACU's Student Life leadership.

Who's Who nominees are selected from among ACU's junior and senior classes; they must have superior academic performance; and show a commitment to service and leadership. This year's 150 nominees will have their names printed in the official Who's Who book, along with nominees from 2,841 other institutions across the country. Nominees also have the option to enter the organization's scholarship competition. 

Below is the full list of Who's Who nominees for the 2012-2013 school year.

Kalynne Allen
Austin Anderson
Daniel Archer
Mark Arrington
Joseph Austin
Ashley Ballard
Blair Bartee
Joseph Beakley
Amanda Becker
Duncan Blades
Andrew Boles
Joshua Bonnett-Dingle
Caitlin Bradford
Gabrielle Brown
Melinda Brown
Hannah Browning
Chelsey Brumbaugh
Jonathan Bryant
Briana Burton
Trenton Carothers
Adam Carpenter
Amanda Carpenter
L'nae Carstens
Stephen Case
Elizabeth Chavez
Rebecca Clay
Corbin Clifton
Ashley Close
Ariel Coalson
Kyndal Coleman
Julie Coppedge
Clint Coulter
Emily Crain
Kathryn Davis
Rebecca Dial
Taylor Edwards
Hillary Eichelberger
Bryan Evans
Samuel Ewalefo
Jasmine Ferguson
Jeremy Foo
Alexandra Foster
Nikolaus Gardner
Karsten Goodman
Megan Goodson
Kristin Goodwin
Amanda Greenlee
Stephanie Guajardo
Zacarias Guerra
Rebekah Hahn
Margaret Harley
Korey Hart
Christopher Heflin
Annelise Hernandez
Whitney Herrington
Clement Ho
Kristin Holz
Kaitlyn Howell
Kayli Huddleston
Morgan Hudson
Kenyon Jackson
Laura James
Caley Johnson
Victoria Jones
Hannah Kelley
Sarah Kelly
John Kern
Kathleen Kessler
William King
Lauren Land
Gavin Lane
Grant Lawrence
Asja Leznina
Tara Lowe
Tiffany Lutz
Ashley Markgraf
Marissa Marolf
Daniel Marolf
Chase Martin
Courtney Martin
Crystal Martinez
Prentis McCarty
Erin McCollough
Erica Melick
Lindsey Meredith
Kaci Millay
Andrew Miller
Arielle Moncure
Michael Moore
Bethany Morgan
Maria Morrell
Jocelyn Nederhoff
Terra New
Heather Newton
Stefanie Nicholas
Caroline Nikolaus
Olivia Noland
Ethan Olson
Aubrey Palmer
Nicholas Palmieri
Andrew Peters
Emily Phillips
Erica Porter
Samantha Priestle
Wesley Racca
Brandy Rains
Israel Ramirez
Sarah Ratliff
Nicholas Rector
Austin Reed
Julie Reeger
Scott Rizvi
Matthew Roberts
Zachary Roberts
Brady Robinson
Perla Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez
John Rodvold
Wiepie Rojas
Stephani Sanchez
Thomas Scroggins
Chelsea Sergio
Morgan Shamblin
Amanda Sheldon
Ethan Shepherd
Madison Short
Blaine Smith
Brynn Smith
Katy Smith
Mark Smith
Jamilah Spears
Xavier Strong
Kendal Svoboda
Nicholas Tatum
Emily Taylor
Kristian Travis
Lindsey Turk
Brittany Vaughn
Evelin Vermont
Anna Watson
Katelyn Werner
Elle Whitaker
Carolina White
Whitney White
Benjamin Wiese
Dean Willis
Lincoln Woods
Ali Wren
Thomas Wyatt

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