Theology professor publishes global history book

Posted April 16, 2013

In partnership with 13 other scholars, Dr. Douglas Foster, professor of church history in ACU’s Graduate School of Theology and director of the Center for Restoration Studies, has recently published a book, The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History.

Foster co-authored the book with two colleagues, both of whom served alongside him as co-editors. He also helped lead the team of 11 contributing scholars. The project, Foster says, has been an eight-year endeavor.

“The writing and editing has been a long and intense process, though very rewarding,” says Foster. “This is the first attempt in history by authors to write the inclusive history and narrative of the Stone-Campbell movement that documents all its streams and locations, which is pretty daunting.” 

The book takes a comprehensive look at the world history of the Stone-Campbell Movement. The movement began in the early 19th century as an effort to unify all Christians by restoring the simple teachings and practices of the New Testament as the standard of Christian fellowship. The book traces the movement’s beginnings in North America and its subsequent growth across the globe. The history includes not only the movement's traditional voices (such as leaders in Churches of Christ and the Disciples of Christ movement), but also gives attention to those whose stories have been neglected in previous books about the movement.  

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