Theology professors speak at prestigious academic conferences

Posted March 19, 2013

Two professors from the Graduate School of Theology were invited to speak at two prestigious universities and share their theological knowledge.

Dr. Jeff Childers, GST's Carmichael-Walling Chair of New Testament and Early Christianity, delivered a lecture at the University of Oxford on March 9, at a conference titled "Sexaginta: Translated Texts for Historians and the Late-Antique East." The conference celebrated the 60th volume of the series Translated Texts for Historians, a book series providing scholarly English translations of key historical sources from the time of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages.

As a specialist on eastern Christianity, Childers was invited by the editors of the series to open the conference with a lecture based on his work in translating the Georgian version of The Life of Porphyry of Gaza. This is a biography of the bishop of the Palestinian city Gaza during the fourth century. Dr. Dame Averil Cameron, professor of late antique and Byzantine history at the University of Oxford, introduced the conference, and Byzantinist Professor Dr. Claudia Rapp from the University of Vienna provided a response to Childers' lecture.

Dr. Frederick Aquino, GST professor of theology, spoke at three seminars on Cambridge University's campus March 4, 6 and 8. These seminars were part of the Analytic Theology Project, a four-year effort to encourage scholarly conversation among analytic philosophers and theologians. The project is funded by the John Templeton Foundation, a philanthropic organization, and Notre Dame University.

Aquino's lectures covered his research on recent developments in religious epistemology. The first seminar was on the diverse landscape of contemporary epistemology, the second on the varieties of virtue epistemology (as an illustration of the diverse landscape), and the third on the possibility of connecting insights from contemporary epistemology with select topics in theology.

"This is a great example of how ACU professors display excellence in their scholarly fields," says Mark Hamilton, associate dean of ACU's Graduate School of Theology. "When we say that our students receive a world-class education, we are relaying a simple truth: that, at Abilene Christian, very often the best ideas meet the minds and hearts of young scholars who seek to understand the truth about the world."

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