Communication professor’s team reveals best practices for training and development

Posted February 22, 2013

Dr. J.D. Wallace, associate professor of communication, and his research team recently completed a multi-year effort to establish best practices for the National Communication Association’s (NCA) Training and Development Division. The team investigated almost 1,000 training related articles and government documents, studied hundreds of occupations, then had the results reviewed by a number of stakeholders, including 148 training practitioners.

Wallace says NCA’s Training and Development Division decided to develop a new slate of best practices that address today’s training realities.

"These practices reflect a much broader framework of competence, accountability and transparency for all NCA training and development scholars, practitioners, and consultants," says Wallace. "They involve 12 best practices in six areas: Transparency to Clients and Trainees, Assessable Methods, Technology Proficiency, Professional Development, Organizational Expertise, Instructional Design and Communication Proficiency."

The team included three other nationally recognized training and development contributors.

Dr. Dennis Becker is a well-known speech coach and communication consultant who has over 40 years of experience in corporate, public and private settings. He is a principal of The Speech Improvement Company, Inc., a Boston-based firm specializing in training and coaching professionals in all aspects of communication effectiveness.

Dr. Robert C. Chandler is professor and director of Nicholson School of Communication at University of Central Florida. He is an accomplished consultant, researcher and scholar and is recognized for his national webinars, numerous professional consultations, articles and books.

Dr. Timothy P. Mottet is professor and dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication at University of Texas-San Marcos. He is highly published, including in one of the leading communication textbooks for training and development.

View pages 10-12 of the pdf for the Best Practices for Training and Development results  

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