English conference sparks creativity

Posted January 29, 2013

The ACU Department of Language and Literature will bring together creative minds across Texas on ACU’s campus Feb. 21-23 as it hosts combined annual gatherings of the Conference of College Teachers of English (CCTE) and the Texas College English Association.

Speakers include Greg Brownderville, poet, book author and assistant professor of English at Southern Methodist University; Dr. William Carroll and Dr. Kyle Dickson, associate professors of language and literature at ACU and specialists in electronic teaching media; and Dr. Sarah Weddington, adjunct professor at the University of Texas and speaker on leadership and public issues.

Approximately 60 presenters will also be in attendance. In addition, 60 other presenters will appear in panels on rhetoric, literature, creative writing, and pedagogy.

ACU writer in residence and professor of language and literature Albert Haley highly praises Brownderville's work.

"He is simply the best new poet I've come across in years," says Haley. "Not only is he working with language at the highest level, but his tales of voodoo and holly rollers in the Ozarks come as a revelation. These are people I've not read about before, and all of it pulsates with life. I'm really looking forward to hearing him read."

Dr. Laura Carroll, associate professor of language and literature and director of First-Year English, says the language and literature department is glad to be hosting the event on ACU's campus.

“The presenters represent excellent teachers and scholars from all over the state and we look forward to learning together,” says Carroll. “Unfortunately sessions are only open to conference registrants and CCTE and TCEA members."

A highlight of the conference will be the five separate creative writing sessions.

"The quantity of creative work being read at this conference provides gratifying proof that English teachers around the state are actively involved in self-expression," adds Haley. "Teachers who write stories, poems or creative essays bring that creativity to their classrooms."

The Council of College Teachers of English is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its founding at the University of Texas. The TCEA is the Texas affiliate of the College English Association.

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