ACU named first e-Campus of the Month by e-Campus News

Posted April 12, 2011

ACU was honored as e-Campus News's first e-Campus of the Month in April 2011. The award goes to universities on the forefront of developing and implementing technology into their education systems and campus life.

The university's mobile-learning initiative has received accolades from around the world, and its commitment to mobile technology is visible all over campus. The initiative began in 2008 when ACU provided approximately 1,000 incoming freshmen with either an iPhone or an iPod touch, to be used in the classroom. Since 2008, each semester's class of incoming students each semester have received mobile-learning devices, and professors are continually creating new ways to use the devices in the classroom.

“[Mobile learning] has ingrained itself in the cultures of various departments in the university,” Kevin Roberts, ACU's chief planning officer, said. “That’s indicative of how flexible and usable this technology is.”

ACU's partnership with AT&T has provided the university with necessary funds to grow the initiative. The partnership began in 2007, when AT&T donated $1 million to the computer infrastructure in the Bob and Shirley Hunter Welcome Center. In 2008, the company installed the university's wireless network. In May 2010, they awarded the school $1.8 million to build Connected, a studio for mobile learning experimentation and a K-12 professional development program that trains teachers to use education technology devices, such as eReaders and internet-ready phones. ACU's provision of iPhones and iPods to students benefits AT&T as well. The school pays for the device, and the students, in turn, pay for a phone contract with AT&T.

e-Campus News praises ACU for its commitment to helping other universities with their educational technology. Using $250,000 in grant money from the Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC), ACU has demonstrated the effectiveness of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs at Del Mar College and California University of Pennsylvania, two schools with low-income student populations and high dropout rates. George Saltsman, Executive Director of the Adams Center for Teaching and Learning at ACU, says, "Providing new methods of learning to students who otherwise would drop out or fail is the foundation of ACU’s mobile-learning initiative."

The e-Campus News recognition of ACU as a leader in innovation is well deserved. Learn more about the award.