ACU takes part in groundbreaking research at Brookhaven

Posted February 24, 2011

ACU's nuclear physics research team has done it again. After 10 years of research with the Brookhaven National Research Lab (BNRL) in Upton, N.Y., students will have the chance to study a new aspect of the research at the lab's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). The new study demonstrates how different "flavors" contribute to the overall spinning of protons.

"The results will allow us to tease apart subtle details that were previously inaccessible, and should move the field closer to a quantitative understanding of proton spin structure and dynamics," says Steven Vigdor, Brookhaven's associate laboratory director for nuclear and particle physics.

Dr. Rusty Towell, chair of ACU’s Department of Physics, and Dr. Michael Daugherity, assistant professor of physics, make annual trips to Brookhaven along with several students. Both professors are looking forward to the new research.

"Students have been involved with this work from the beginning," Towell says. "They will continue to help with detector design, prototyping, construction, installation, and commissioning. They also help with data analysis, data taking, and many different service tasks."

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