COBA students win Chevy Cruze social media marketing contest

Posted January 25, 2011

When General Motors contacted Dr. Rick Lytle about designing a marketing campaign for social media, he knew his students were up to the challenge. He asked his senior-level marketing strategy class to take on the project of marketing the new Chevy Cruze to Gen-Y customers - and their ideas were winners.

"The students thought of staging a creative video competition on college campuses nationwide," says Lytle, dean and professor in ACU's College of Business Administration. "They came up with the idea of holding competitive food fights on various campuses that would be documented on video. Those productions would then be loaded onto YouTube and dispersed via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media with the Cruze included at different points to build brand awareness."

For their comprehensive ideas, ACU students received $100 Wal-Mart gift cards, along with $2,500 from GM for expenses generated during the project. GM will also be contacting the students for more ideas as the company rolls out its Chevy Cruze marketing campaign this spring.

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