ACU Ethnos

Center for International Education

Welcome!           歡迎                      добро пожаловать
ようこそ            Karibu                    Otaagotin
Huan Ying          ברוך הבא                Bienvenidos
καλωσόρισμα   Dobrodošli             ยินดีต้อนรับ
Bem-vindos       Selamat datang     Hwangyong-hamnida
yōkoso               svāgat                   ahlan wa sahlan
Bienvenue         Willkommen          환영

Center for International Education

The US Departments of Education and State are encouraging students, staff and faculty to take advantage of every opportunity to exchange cultural perspectives and ideas to promote mutual understanding. Challenge your knowledge of the world by taking the Department of State Global IQ quiz. Expand your world!


Welcome to the Center for International Education (CIE). Our mission is to provide high-quality, life-changing opportunities for cross-cultural learning that have Christ at the center.  The focus of this work is to help enrich the ACU educational experience through study abroad and to offer vital assistance to international students and scholars on our home campus. 

ETHNOS: One World Tour
ETHNOS is an annual showcase of the various cultures represented here at ACU.
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