Benefits of Online Learning

During your course work, you will interact with your instructor, facilitator, and fellow students via an online platform that is easy to use, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad compatible, and designed with rich media. With the easily accessible format of our courses, you can find a balance of course work, family time, and career work that is most convenient for you. At the beginning of each week, you will receive the week’s assignments via your instructor. You then have the rest of the week to complete your assignments and submit them to your course facilitator whenever is most convenient to you.  

ACU Online Courses are all about convenience. Complete your course work when convenient to you: weekdays, weeknights, or weekends. Some students have found that an hour in the morning before work, an hour at lunch, an hour or two after work, and a couple of hours on Saturday is most convenient for them. Other students found a 3-4 hour block of time each evening to be most convenient with their daytime responsibilities. Perhaps for you, a large chunk of time on each Friday and Saturday will prove most convenient. Make your own schedule!

ACU Online Courses are entirely online allowing working professionals worldwide to earn their graduate degrees with us! Our online programs are designed to challenge students through seven week courses. Each course is broken down over seven weeks and allows students to work through one course at a time. The semesters are made up of two consecutive seven week courses. This allows our students to focus intently on the material of each individual course, rather than juggling multiple courses simultaneously per semester. The courses allow a great deal of flexibility as the entire week of class is provided at the beginning of each week. This allows students to see all of the assignments for the week in advance, providing the opportunity to complete the assignments throughout the week when their schedules allow. This flexible schedule allows our students to balance their work, school and family environments without sacrificing one for another. Our programs allow students the opportunity to manage their time through the ability to plan and set aside time for the assignments throughout the week in accordance to our students existing schedules.

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