Master of Liberal Arts

The Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) program offers students who have completed at least a baccalaureate degree a means of formal personal enrichment through the interdisciplinary MLA degree. Liberal arts study is for anyone with a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree who wishes to continue the “unfinished business” of a liberal arts education, the quest for knowledge about mankind and God’s world.

Liberal arts study at ACU permits the student to explore a wide range of disciplines and personal interests at the graduate level. The MLA student may take graduate courses from any area in which he or she can meet the specific course prerequisites. Thus, a student can gain understanding in a broad graduate curriculum within the context of Christian higher education. The program is not designed to produce a standard career credential as are more traditional master’s degree programs. Rather, the liberal arts program seeks the intellectual development and professional enhancement of adult students in areas such as the arts and humanities, social sciences and religion with additional enrichment from professional and technical areas such as business.

In the arts and humanities, courses in literature, communication and history seek to address such enduring questions as what mankind is to live for and how humans should conduct themselves.

In the social sciences, courses in psychology, sociology and family studies endeavor to assist the student in forming a critical awareness of the complexity of human affairs and interrelationships and in establishing an ethical framework for making informed decisions about human affairs and the social institutions that promote orderly human discourse.

In religion, courses address the nature of humanity’s being and purpose and mankind’s interaction with fellow man and with God. Religion courses also include application courses in such areas as missions or biblical ministry. In business, courses in management and finance assist the student in understanding the theoretical and practical framework of everyday human interchange.

The liberal arts student will be responsible for helping design his or her degree plan because each is crafted to the student’s individual needs and desires for higher education. The degree plan must meet the parameters given in the degree requirements below. In many cases, the student can help design a degree plan that can be completed with evening and short courses. In others, the student will find it desirable to participate in regular day classes to gain the experiences desired.

Application Deadline:
Spring 2017
  • Dec. 9, 2016

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