Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

The Master of Arts in Corporate Communication equips graduates with the 21st century communication skills needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace.   

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Master of Arts in Corporate Communication

About the Program

Strategic Thought – You’ll begin the program with an introduction to theory, research, and ethics in corporate contexts. Next, you’ll learn about approaches to quantitative and qualitative research and explore how these skills apply to leading and managing organizations. You’ll also learn about strategic writing and storytelling which focuses on strategies for creating and shaping messages in a variety of corporate contexts.

Strategic Leadership – Using case studies and industry best practices, you’ll learn about strategies for effective crisis management in organizations. You’ll also explore effective strategies for leading organizational change and helping organizations prepare and learn from periods of change. Next, you’ll gain skills and experience developing in developing, presenting and evaluating training programs. Finally, you’ll learn to explain, interpret and analyze communication within public and private organizations.

Strategic Action – You’ll apply current research and practice while learning to craft communication strategies in both face-to-face and digital contexts. In addition, during your capstone project, you’ll learn to apply theory, methods, skills and strategies you’ve learned in the program within an organizational or corporate context. 

Application Deadline:
Spring 2017
  • Dec. 9, 2016

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