Student Organizations

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There are almost 100 student-led organizations on ACU's campus! Find information here on how to get involved with an organization that fits you and your interests. 

We have it all here - honors organizations, service opportunities, and groups devoted to special interests.

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Policies and Procedures

2016-2017 Student Organization Handbook 

If you are interested in starting a new student organization, please see page 4 of the Student Organization Handbook.

If your organization is hosting a special event as defined on page 7 of the Student Organization Handbook, you will need to fill out the Special Events Registration Form.

If your organization enters into a contract for any services, you will need to submit the contract for review to the Office of Student Organizations and Activities at least two weeks prior to the event. Student organizations are not authorized to sign any contract. For more information about the contract policy, see pages 7 and 8 of the Student Organization Handbook. Fill out the following cover sheet to attach to your contract.  

Student Organization Event Contract Cover Sheet