Student Development Office

Student Development Office

Equipping students of Abilene Christian University for the Christ-seeking journey.

Be a Mission Keeper!

“Educating students for Christian Service and Leadership throughout the world.”

The Student Development office serves to equip students for the Christ-seeking journey through spiritual formation, ministry and service, and involvement in student organizations, activities, and productions. The experiences that students have in each of these areas contribute to an overall sense of well-being and help prepare them for living out their calling in both career and ministry.

When a student graduates from ACU, he/she should be able to articulate the way that the ACU mission is operationalized into his/her life. The mentoring and opportunities offered by the Student Development office challenge students to create and collaborate across a broad range of disciplines, and encourage reflection and community development within our Christ-centered context.

Spiritual Formation

Leadership Development

Ministry & Service
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