SALT is a dynamic, multichannel educational program that spans financing higher education and successful management of student loans, through the many financial decisions that students face after they leave school.

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About SALT

The SALT program is brought to you by the nonprofit American Student Assistance® (ASA). SALT will help you stay on track with your student loan payments and make the smartest choices with your money—now and in the future. The best part is, it’s FREE for ACU students (both current and alumni) so sign up ASAP if you haven’t already! 

What Can SALT Do For Me?

With SALT, you can:

  • Get free student loan advice
  • Find the perfect job
  • Snag money-saving deals
  • Take control of your money

How Can I Contact SALT?

For questions about your SALT membership, contact our Member Support team at 855-469-2724 or If you need to speak with a loan counselor, contact us at 877-523-9473 or We’re here to help.

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SALT helps students and families navigate financing a higher education, successfully manage any resulting debt, and build money skills. Create your SALT account to get started today. It's free!
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