Minimum GPA Requirements for Scholarship Renewal

Renewal GPAs listed are for scholarships awarded to new students beginning in the 2015-16 academic year. Students beginning before Fall 2015 refer to information provided at the time of receiving their scholarship or contact The Depot with any questions about scholarship renewal requirements.

Academic Scholarships

National Merit Finalist/Semifinalist Award3.20
National Hispanic Recognition Award2.50
National Achievement Scholarship3.20
Presidential Scholarship (Fall '12 - Spring '14) 3.50
Presidential Scholarship (Starting Fall '14) 3.20
Chancellor’s Award3.20
John C. Stevens Award3.20
A.B. Barrett Award3.00
Dean’s Award2.50
University Award2.50
National Merit Commended Award3.00
Transfer Merit I Scholarship3.20
Transfer Merit II Scholarship3.00
Transfer Merit III Scholarship2.50
Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship3.00

*Renewal is based on cumulative GPA. New students are reviewed after the second semester of their first year. Subsequent renewal is reviewed at the end of each long semester.

*Students that do not meet the renewal requirement for their original scholarship are awarded at a lower scholarship level and amount based on their cumulative GPA. Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or less at the time of renewal will not receive any scholarship.

*Student may request reinstatement of their original award in future semesters if they raise their cumulative GPA to the required level

*Student with extenuating circumstances may appeal the scholarship renewal decision by contacting their financial aid counselor

Other ACU Scholarships

The following is a partial listing of scholarships awarded by ACU. Additional scholarships not listed here that are awarded by various departments have their own renewal requirements. Students should contact the department awarding the scholarship for information about renewal.

Christian Schools Scholarship2.00
Cultures of ACU Scholarship2.75
HLC/ACU Partnership Scholarship2.75
Hope Match Scholarship2.75
SITC Scholarship3.00
Missionary Children Scholarship2.50
Onstead Scholarship3.20
Scouting Scholarship2.00
Southwestern Christian College Award2.75
Tuition Waiver Exchange Program / CCCU2.50