Faculty In Residence

Drs. Mark & Laura Phillips

Mark & Laura Phillips sometimes receive each other's mail at work, which is not that surprising. "When you are both 'Dr. Phillips,' you teach in the same department, and your offices are side-by-side it's inevitable," he notes. Mark has taught at ACU since 2004 and Laura's work began two years later. In the years since their ACU graduation and marriage in 1988 the two have lived in Indiana and Oklahoma. During that time they were involved in full-time ministry for over a decade, as well as careers in the pharmaceutical and commercial construction industries. In addition to their primary roles in the classroom, Laura also serves as the university's Faculty Athletic Representative, an NCAA required role for all member schools, and leads COBA's "Women in Business" group. Mark is currently heading up the University's "Horizon" team, which is taking a long-range look at higher education and how ACU can adapt to changes in the marketplace. Both are regulars at campus events including Sing Song, Follies, musicals, and athletic events.

Mark and Laura currently live in the McDonald Hall apartment. The location has given them numerous chances to meet and get to know freshman students, including the annual Nelson pancake party and the Halloween-themed "Snore and Gore" event, at which students trick-or-treated at the apartment. Monday night meals with small groups of Nelson residents happen most weeks, and the two are in the Bean for dinner once or twice a week. "We have always enjoyed having students in our home and getting to know them better," Laura says. "Now that we live on campus it's even easier for them to find our house." The two are looking forward to further exploring their role as faculty-in- residence. "This type of community fits perfectly with ACU's campus culture," Mark says, "and we hope to improve the experience for our students by being here."