Message from Residence Life Education and Housing

The heart and life-blood of Abilene Christian University is community. Here, community exists in many forms: a diverse community of faith, an extraordinary academic community, and a vibrant residential community. ACU is steadfast in our commitment to a residential, co-curricular environment that enhances and deepens the academic and faith communities.In short, residential living is an integral part of the ACU undergraduate experience. 

Residence Life Education and Housing at ACU demands that each member of its residential community be treated with respect, dignity, integrity, and compassion, reflective of Christ's love. It is our mission that students will leave their residential community as developed individuals, confident in their relationship with God, their leadership call to the world, and able to mediate and solve conflict in a complex and diverse global community. 

Students arrive at ACU from every state and from over 60 nations world-wide, providing a diverse and radical life-altering experience.  At its best, living in community encourages the collision of new ideas, student development, dialogues, and personal growth.  Each ACU student is challenged daily to balance their personal heritages, life stories, experiences, and beliefs with those of other individuals and the greater community.  It is here that students are pushed, stretched, moved, inspired, and called to the transformative life of following Christ in community.  We take residential living and learning seriously: learning to respond to conflict with humility and maturity, developing integrity and taking responsibility for ones actions, balancing the strenuous demands of university life with inherent responsibilities from God, family, friends, and life, and through faith, overcoming adversity.