Partnering in the Journey Campaign

In February 2012, ACU did something big — something bold. 

We launched Partnering in the Journey, the first fundraising campaign entirely for endowed scholarships. 

The campaign's goal was $50 million. In Spring 2016, the dedicated men and women of the ACU community reached that milestone — and passed it. 

Now, our students are saying thank you in a big way. Watch this special message from them: 

Thank you for Partnering in the Journey!

We aren't done; the journey continues. The men and women of the ACU community still need your support, so we aren't stopping at $50 million. Explore endowment options or learn more about creating endowments in honor of a friend, family member, or other loved one.

You can give online today or contact Rendi Hahn by email or by phone at 325-674-2394 to learn more about the Partnering in the Journey Campaign.

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