Jenny Dudensing ('14) | Accounting

Jenny Dudensing

Senior accounting major from Rule

Like any accounting major, Jenny Dudensing knows numbers – and she knew a private Christian university was not in the cards for her and her three siblings.

Living on a Haskell County cotton farm about 60 miles north of Abilene, Jenny had heard of ACU, but never seriously entertained it as a possibility until her older brother, Emery, received an ACU football scholarship.

“I just thought it was unattainable,” she said. “When my brother got a football scholarship, it became a contender.”

That football scholarship brought the Dudensing family to ACU regularly, and Jenny’s older sister, Molly, was next to attend, using academic scholarships to graduate with an accounting degree in 2013.

Visiting her sister, Jenny fell in love with ACU, the campus and its tight-knit atmosphere.

“Molly really loved it and how much she could get involved,” Jenny said.

So Jenny applied to ACU and hoped to receive enough to allow her to attend; she also applied to a large state university just in case. She received four scholarship awards, knocking her tuition down by more than one-third, before adding outside scholarships and grants.

“It would have been too much” for her parents to afford, said Jenny, the youngest of four children, all of whom attended college. “It was a big help to them.”

Jenny is working through a program that will lead to her graduation with a Master of Accounting degree in May 2016; the undergraduate portion of the program ends in August 2014.

She’s one of the founding members of the Student Accounting Organization, she has done math tutoring, and now serves as a peer leader for the Cornerstone class in ACU’s core curriculum.

Jenny plans to become a certified public accountant and do auditing because it provides more opportunities for getting out of the office and interacting with others.

“I’m a very practical person, very black and white, always have been good with numbers and math,” she said. “I like tackling a problem to solve.”

Attending ACU has nevertheless changed the way she looks at her calling and her career; she saw first-hand professors whose lives were centered around their relationship with Christ.

“It’s different seeing that in class,” she said. “It made me feel differently about how to live everyday as a Christian, not just on Sunday.”

Accounting intimidates many people, which gives accountants a lot of power in how they treat others – and whether they can portray Christ to them, Jenny said.

During Christmas vacations, Jenny returns home to help with her family’s farm – though not with the books. She and her siblings help with the equipment that packs the cotton into huge rectangular modules that are shipped to the gin for processing.

It serves as a reminder of the improbability that she would be receiving an ACU education.

“I really am grateful,” she said. “I wouldn’t have come to ACU if scholarships weren’t part of the equation. It’s really been a blessing to come here.”

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