Erin Boyd ('12) | Biology & Psychology

Erin Boyd

Senior from Keller, Texas

Erin Boyd likes the color purple. It’s a good thing, too.

The prevalence of her favorite color in ACU’s admissions packet attracted her when it arrived in the mail. Everything else about the university convinced her to enroll.

“All of a sudden, ACU just became this top contender,” she said. “Everything in the packet attracted me. It has everything a big school has but with a small-school atmosphere.”

Erin is certainly taking advantage of everything she can. She plays bass clarinet in the Big Purple, serves as president of the W Club, will graduate in May 2012 with two majors – biology and psychology – and she has filled any spare time with work on three undergraduate research projects.

Working with Dr. Tom Lee, professor of biology, Erin has helped analyze data collected from a census of small mammals in Michigan.

“He just really became a mentor figure in my undergraduate career,” she said. “I’ve learned so much about how research works and what needs to go into writing a paper.”

Erin also is working with Dr. Cynthia Powell, assistant professor of chemistry, on a project to determine the influence of pre-college experiences on students’ choice in major, which won commendation for oral presentation at the 2011 ACU Undergraduate Research Festival.

She plans to pursue a doctorate in health psychology, which combines elements of her two undergraduate majors, and hopes to work in the research and development of medication to help those suffering from chemical imbalances, neural disorders or brain damage.

In the meantime, Erin also works as the social media coordinator for ACU’s Adams Center for Teaching Excellence.

“I’m really thankful for my professors,” she said. “They’re so willing to help me and teach me. The experience is invaluable.”

It’s an experience she could not have had without the support of ACU’s generous alumni and friends. Erin’s parents had planned for her to attend a state university, but when ACU’s purple packet caught her eye, affordability became a much bigger concern.

“Scholarships played a huge role in coming here,” she said. “I’m paying for half my education through scholarships. Just remembering that you are earning money [through receiving] scholarships, it’s a motivating factor.”

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