Information on ACU's online summer school program.

Summer Online

ACU Summer Online offers undergraduate courses in a unique and exciting format.  You will actively participate and take a high level of responsibility in your learning. You will be involved in online discussions with faculty members who are highly engaged via email, phone and other electronic methods.

ACU Summer Online Undergraduate Courses

Enrolling in a summer online course at ACU provides a number of advantages over alternative classes offered through other universities or community colleges including: convenience, flexibility, and quality.

As long as you have a computer with Internet connection, you are ready for class. You will be able to interact each day with students and faculty, and access the structured, coordinated learning activities. This means that whether you are in your pajamas in your room at 9:00 in the morning, or sitting at a coffee shop with wireless connection, you can take the class.

Finally, the chance to take a class that fits your schedule--you decide when to have class by going online at the time that you choose. This approach to education is completely online, allowing you the freedom to keep your summer work schedule, or the chance to stay up late and sleep in. With ACU Online Summer Courses, you do not have to choose between summer school and going home, you can do both!

Registering for a class with ACU Online allows you to continue your ACU education. ACU Online Summer Courses are academically equivalent to those taken on campus. It is hassle-free! You do not have to fill out any transfer forms or extra paperwork. These ACU courses will automatically show up on your transcript.

ACU Summer Online
Summer Online
Get ahead in your degree plan by taking quality courses online through Abilene Christian University and make anywhere your classroom!