Jonathan Holmes ('12) | Urban Studies

jonathan holmes

Social work major
from Los Angeles, Calif.

Jonathan Holmes has always been interested in how different generations view the world.

As an undergraduate social work major, he turned that interest into a research project for the Pruett Gerontology Center at ACU related to intergenerational attitudes toward welfare.

"Major events heavily influence a generation's experiences, ideologies and attitudes," says Holmes, who is also a McNair Scholar. "This is important when trying to understand the behaviors and interactions of different people. It is also crucial when trying to implement or change programs that affect communities."

Pruett Gerontology Center

The Pruett Gerontology Center at ACU has partnered with the School of Social Work's Urban Studies Program for the past two years. This partnership provides students the opportunity to engage in research projects dealing with aging issues.

Holmes' research showed no major discrepancies in opinions about welfare based on generation.

He presented his research at various conferences including the 2011 McNair Research Conference, Niagara Falls, New York; 2012 Undergraduate Research Festival, Abilene; 2012 Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors’ Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon; 2012 National Conference for Undergraduate Research, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah; and the Southwestern Social Science Association Social Work Division Annual Conference. His research was selected for publication at the Council on Undergraduate Research’s 2012 proceedings.

A Christ-centered community

Holmes transferred to ACU in his sophomore year out of a desire to become involved in a Christ-centered community.

"ACU is an excellent place to get a world-class education and build professional networking," Holmes says. "More importantly, however, is the spiritual aspect. This school focuses on Christian service and leadership and challenges students to live a life dedicated to Christ. ACU has helped change my view of faith."

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