Tsunami Hernandez ('12) | Information Technology & Computing

tsunami hernandez

Information systems major 
from Abilene, Texas

Tsunami Hernandez discovered her love of computers in the seventh grade, when her family bought a new computer and her father asked her to set it up. As the oldest child, she was often encouraged by her father to try new things - and this time, it paid off. She realized that she liked setting up computers and figuring out how to make them work.

When she came to ACU, Tsunami originally enrolled as a graphic design major. After going to a preview day that showed prospective students what the major entailed, she decided that graphic design wasn't what she wanted to do. Her father, remembering her skill with computers, suggested that she pursue a technology-related field. It was the right choice for her.

"Technology keeps growing, and everybody's using it," she said.

Why ACU?

Tsunami chose ACU for several reasons. She liked the fact that it was a Christian school; she also didn't want to move far away from home. Although she and her family moved to Abilene from Los Angeles only six years ago, she regards Abilene as home. The size of the university was perfect too - not too big and not too small.

"I felt ACU was the best choice for me," she said.

She liked the professors at ACU and the welcoming spirit she experienced. "The professors are really nice," she said. She especially liked her U100 teacher, who invited their group over for supper one night. Within the department, she's made friends and connected with fellow IT majors.

Some of those connections are formed through her job with ACU's hardware services. Tsunami helps fix faculty and staff computers, performing operations ranging from fixing hard drives and computer memory to installing and moving computers. When she started work the summer before her freshman year, she had the opportunity to become familiar with the campus and the university's faculty. The job also lets her hone her technology skills.

The games people play

Another chance to broader her horizons came when she joined a group led by two SITC faculty members to Austin to attend a game development exhibit. Students traveled from booth to booth, learning about different gaming systems. She had also had a chance to encounter recruiters trying to hire gaming majors.

"It was an awesome experience," she said. "Most of the people there were trying to convince us to switch over to a gaming major."

But Tsunami plans to find her career in information technology, fixing computers for a company or corporation. She likes the flexibility and versatility of her field and appreciates the growing job market for those with computer and technological skills. She's not sure exactly what the future of technology holds, but thinks that at least one thing is certainly possible.

"Cell phones are going to take over the world!" she said laughingly.

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