Nigel Bosch ('12) | Computer Science

Nigel Bosch

Computer Science major 
from Loveland, Colo.

Growing up in Colorado, Nigel Bosch knew he loved computer programming. While attending college at ACU, he realized he had a hunger to share that passion with his peers. Nigel now spends his time tutoring his fellow students in the intricacies of computer science.

I've never been around so many students and teachers who are passionate about their fields of interest.  

"Many of the programming students at ACU are being introduced to the concepts of programming for the first time in introductory classes, which can be very overwhelming and challenging," he said, "particularly for students who have no intrinsic interest in the subject, and are required to take a couple programming classes for their major."

From hobby to career choice

Nigel said he developed a love for computer programming in the eighth grade. It started as a hobby, but he now knows his passion has become his career choice. His time under the tutelage of faculty in ACU's School of Information Technology and Computing has allowed him to explore numerous areas of computer science, he said. 

"The dedication and knowledge of faculty members in the program is often intimidating, in a good way," Nigel said. "There is a wide selection of courses that allow students to pursue various specific interests within the field, in addition to the essential courses required for the major."

He has taken the skills he has gained and translated them into successes outside of the classroom. Nigel and his team of fellow programmers from ACU placed third out of 70 teams from three states at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in 2010.

Nigel also completed an internship at Milsoft Utility Solutions where he said he learned about large-scale software development.

He has gained skills that have broadened his knowledge base during his time at ACU, but for Nigel, ACU also presented a chance to meet new friends and grow as a person.

"It's easy in a big environment to make friends with people who agree with you and share all of your own interests, but at the end of the day I think it has been much better for me to broaden my horizons and meet people with different passions and beliefs than my own," he said. 

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