Jace Miller ('06) | Information Technology & Computing

jace miller

Software engineer at Raytheon
Company in Garland

ACU alumni just can't say it enough - the relationships developed with their professors have a lasting effect that proves to be valuable far beyond the Abilene campus.

Jace Miller joins a chorus of voices of ACU graduates who praise that special bond they formed in college. Jace, a 2006 graduate, is a software engineer at Raytheon Company in Garland.

He joined Raytheon, a defense and aerospace systems supplier, in January 2009 after going to graduate school at Texas A&M University.

He saw the difference his ACU experience made while he was a student at A&M.

"The relationship with professors was definitely a plus at ACU," he said. And, he liked the way professors shared their personal values while teaching. "It made an impression that will probably outlast any specific academic lesson."

A first-rate education

Jace said the academic side of his ACU education was first-rate, and he had no trouble with graduate school or in his new position.

"The fundamentals of programming I learned in computer science courses were necessary for both graduate school and work," he said.

Although he uses a different computer language than the one he primarily used as a student, Jace said the skills he acquired were easily transferable.

In addition, he said his mathematics courses proved to be valuable in developing problem solving skills.

Jace, like most other ACU students, also had the opportunity to get workplace experience while in school. He had a summer internship at ACU as a Web programmer in the office of Career and Academic Development. He also did some Web site development during the summers.

Primed for success

Jace joined a team in June that works primarily with developing algorithms and hasn't had problems mastering projects that have come his way.

His success in graduate school and his job with Raytheon go back to the relationships he developed with the faculty at ACU.

"The professors are very approachable and welcome interaction outside of class," he said. "I especially noticed the difference in attention undergraduates at ACU receive compared with those of a large public school."

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