Bachelor of Science (BS) in Digital Entertainment Technology (DET)

If you want to create the next hit video game or produce the computer-generated imagery (CGI) for the next blockbuster film, then a digital entertainment technology degree is the place to start.

This Degree Offers:

  • An interdisciplinary approach covering theory from visual art, storytelling and game development
  • Training in the full process of animation and game development, from concept to design to scripting to publishing
  • Flexibility to choose a specific area of concentration
  • An excellent foundation for graduate school

Areas of Concentration:

  • Digital Design - deepens exposure to artistic theories and skills that are useful in the creative process of film or game development
  • Film and Media Production – focuses on deepening skills primarily focused on film production and special effects
  • Game Development – prepares students to enter the game development field as level designers, while learning the fundamentals of all the types of software used in developing games--from concept to publishing

This major requires an 18-hour support area that complements Digital Entertainment Technology, such as: Art, Business, Information Technology or another area of interest to the student.

Career Fields:

  • Animation
  • Computer-generated imagery (CGI)
  • Game design & development
  • Mobile gaming

Related Student Activities

The SITC also offers a minor in Digital Entertainment Technology. (18 hrs).

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Digital Entertainment Technology
Digital Entertainment Technology Program
ACU's digital entertainment technology program prepares students for careers in animation, computer-generated imagery, game design & development, mobile gaming and other technology-focused areas of the entertainment industry.
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