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ACU has offered educational programs in computing and related technology fields since the mid-1960s. For over 40 years students have continued to receive strong foundations in computer science, systems, and technology that have served as springboards to challenging and rewarding careers. Learn more about our students, faculty, and alumni.

Joseph Quigley (‘13)
Computer Science and DET 

“I'm fascinated by digital media. I've always wanted to invent, create and explore, and I can do all of those within a single game project.”

Tsunami Hernandez (’12)
Information Technology & Computing

“Technology keeps growing, and everybody’s using it. I felt ACU was the best choice for me.”

Dr. John Homer
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

“I am glad to work here with other professors who care deeply about each student and want to build the best program possible. Everyone in my department is here because they want to teach and they think it is an important calling.”

Chad Hutchins ('08)
Computer Science and Entrepreneur

“College is the best time to start an entrepreneurial venture, due to the time you have and the abundant resources at your fingertips. ACU had and still has these resources - smart students, faculty, staff and a well-networked alumni group - so a combination of all of those things helped me as an entrepreneur.”

Pamela Chance (’85)
Information Technology & Computing

“While at ACU, I was involved in everything. In the real world, you juggle multiple roles and you have to keep track of all of it. ACU gives you opportunities outside of the curriculum to foster those skills."

Featured Video
Five Second Frenzy
Watch to learn more about 5 Second Frenzy, a mobile game developed by students in our Digital Entertainment Technology program.
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