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Marriage & Family Studies

Students in the Marriage & Family Studies department examine how humans interact in relationships as families, groups, communities, cultures, and society as a whole. They use this understanding to help and to serve.

Marriage & Family Studies

The Department of Marriage and Family Studies prepares students for careers in child services, politics, healthcare, law, nonprofit organizations, and other areas of service and ministry. The coursework combines excellent teaching with service-learning, community-based research, internships, and other practical learning experiences.

The mission of the Department of Marriage and Family Studies is to equip students to strengthen family relationships and solve personal and relational problems through child and family services or therapeutic intervention while cultivating Christian leadership and character in each student.

The undergraduate program in Child and Family Services accomplishes this mission through:

  • Emphasizing the formation of healthy relationships and the promotion of optimal human development;
  • Examining current research and theory regarding the normal issues with which individuals and families must contend as they grow and evolve;
  • Creating opportunities for students to design, implement, and evaluate family life education programs; and
  • Providing diverse practicum experiences that prepare students for future employment.

The graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy accomplishes this mission through:

  • Emphasizing a Christocentric view of human nature and personal/relational problems within a context of diversity;
  • Providing a diverse clinical training experience;
  • Encouraging development of a professional identity by fostering involvement in the profession of marriage and family therapy; and
  • Creating a culture of research.


Hollie Young ('05) | Family Studies

Hollie Young ('05) | Family Studies

When a sick or injured child shows up at the emergency room in Sugar Land, Texas, ACU alum Hollie Young ('05) is among the first on the scene. 

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Video Spotlight
Rich Content for Grad Students - Jaime Goff
Mobile devices may help engage students at the undergraduate level, but do they have a similar impact among the rigors of graduate school? Jaime Goff, director of ACU's Marriage and Family Studies, discusses her experimentation.
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