Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English

The Bachelor of Arts is the most flexible degree within the Department of Language and Literature. The BA is the usual choice of students who want to do graduate work in English, become college English teachers, or go into technical writing or creative writing. Many other students have used the BA as preparation for law school or careers in public relations, library science, personnel work, management, government work, or the dozens of other fields requiring a broad liberal arts education.

The degree plan for the B.A. in English allows for more elective hours than many other degrees at ACU. This allows English students to add a second major or a variety of courses that fit their career plans—courses in accounting, computer science, communications, marketing, philosophy, history, Bible or psychology, for example, or further courses in literature and writing. For details, see the ACU Catalog.

Admission Requirements

Before being admitted to the program, a student must satisfy the requirements listed in the ACT/SAT Placement Information section of the ACU Catalog (page 20).

General Education Requirements

General education requirements (University Core and Degree Core requirements) for the BA are listed in the ACU Catalog. Note these variations:

  • Variations in the University Core: Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in English are encouraged to choose ENGL 221 and 222 for the sophomore literature General Education requirement.
  • Variations in the BA Degree Core: Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts in English must complete intermediate proficiency in a foreign language.

Departmental Requirements: English

In addition to 12 hours of English (freshman and sophomore) listed in the University and Degree Core Requirements, an English major must take 42 hours of upper-division English. This advanced work must be distributed as follows:

  1. Introduction to English studies, 9 hours: ENGL 301, 311 (or 441*), and 325;
  2. Writing and Rhetoric, 3 hours: ENGL 320, 322, 323, 324, 326, 328, 329, 331, or 442*;
  3. English Language, 3 hours: ENGL 330, 432, or 443*;
  4. American Literature before 1860, 3 hours: ENGL 362, or 446;
  5. American Literature after 1860, 3 hours: ENGL 363, 446, or 464;
  6. Multicultural Literature, 3 hours: ENGL 446, or 470;
  7. Genre Studies, 3 hours: ENGL 351, 376, 377, 378, or 447*;
  8. British Literature before 1700, 3 hours: ENGL 448*, 481, 483, or 484;
  9. British Literature after 1700, 3 hours: ENGL 449*, 495, 496, or 497;
  10. Culture and Belief, 3 hours: ENGL 471, 472, or 473
  11. Advanced English Selection, 3 hours: chosen from ENGL 380, 410, or courses listed above;
  12. Capstone, 3 hours: ENGL 499.

*Students may apply one topics course in one area section, plus one other topics course in the Advanced English Selection; all others will count as electives.

General Electives

To obtain a total of 128 credit hours, students majoring in English must take a minimum of 21 hours of general electives, including a minor (recommended) and deficiency requirements in science and foreign language. Students should arrange their electives to ensure 33 semester hours of upper-division (advanced) work.


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