Short Courses & Residences

In order, to ensure you are getting the best seminary learning experience the Association of Theological Schools, GST’s accrediting body, requires our degree programs to have a residence component. The residence requirement allows you to grow even more, academically and spiritually.

Residential intensives provide opportunities for face-to-face community building through in-class discussions, chapel worship, and other times of fellowship like shared meals or study groups.  Many students comment that attending a residency is a time of encouragement as they are able to get away for a short time from their regular schedule and focus on coursework with other students who are in similar situations.  

The following are ways for you to meet the residence requirement for the Christian Ministry, M.A. in Global Service and Master of Divinity online degree programs.*

Weekend intensive courses
The weekend intensive courses take place over two weekends during the semester and are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Students will come to campus two weekends for class instruction beginning on Thursday afternoon and ending on Saturday.   

One-week intensive courses
The one-week intensive courses require students to come to campus for 5 days of class all day beginning on Monday morning and ending on Friday afternoon. This type of course is offered in August, January and May.

Convenient on-campus courses
For students who reside closer to campus, on-campus courses are scheduled as three-hour blocks once a week so students who commute to campus can take classes on days off. The days and times these classes are offered vary each semester. View the current course schedule as an example.

International residency experiences
Intensive courses can be offered at our ATS-approved sites in Zagreb,Croatia and Accra,Ghana. All students are invited and encouraged to take courses at these sites to enhance their overall experience of our programs. Courses are offered twice a year at these locations, usually after the spring semester ends and before the fall semester begins.

Residence sites throughout the United States
Intensive courses are offered at various locations across the country. These locations vary from year to year and course to course. Your specific program will be able to give you more information about these opportunities once you are in enrolled.

Substantial reading preparation is required for all intensive-format courses, so students must register several weeks in advance to receive reading assignments and be prepared for class.

Learn more about our online courses. 

*The residency requirements for these degree programs are offered as ATS-approved exceptions to Degree Program Standard A, section A.3.1.3. and Standard B, section B.3.1.3.

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