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Graduate School of Theology

The ACU Graduate School of Theology offers online and distance education programs that allow students to serve in churches, congregations, and ministry contexts while getting a world-class theological education.

Online and Distance Programs

The ACU Graduate School of Theology recognizes the demands of life and ministry never cease, and has programs in place to provide you with the training and practical skills needed to balance both. The GST wants to equip you with the theological education you need to enhance and further your current ministry.  

The GST has a long history of partnering with students to earn their degree while they serve in local congregations. Whether you are a youth minister in a rural community, a preacher in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex, or an intern working with a missions organization half way around the world,we’re committed to providing flexible options for earning your degree.

We offer four fully-accredited degree programs that can be completed through a combination of online coursework and short courses. These programs are designed to help you complete your degree while you continue to work in your current ministry context.

The GST is required by the Association of Theological Schools, GST’s accrediting body, to have their students complete part of their degrees in residence. The residence requirement strengthens the students’ academic and spiritual growth in the program. This residency requirement may be met through various options, such as short-courses, weekend intensive courses, or attending an international residency at an approved course offering site.

Find out more about the residence requirement options. 

Strengths of Distance Education

Distance Education has important advantages over traditional, residential education. The GST seeks to cultivate these strengths to complement the well-established strengths of residential programs.

  • Distance Education allows students to remain connected to their current ministry context. Instead of uprooting and leaving their ministry context, they are able to remain within the ministry to which they have already been called.
  • Not only will students be able to remain in their current ministry context, Distance Education improves current ministry. Theological education provides tools, methods, rationale, and information that shapes students into more well-rounded and well-prepared ministers.
  • Distance Education increases the connection between classroom teaching and what God is doing in the world. Faculty recognize that students who are currently engaged in ministry provide an invaluable resource to inform their pedagogy. In this way, distance education not only helps students in their local context, but students' local context also helps the school.

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