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Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry is an advanced professional degree designed to enhance the minister’s competency and skill in performing the essential tasks of ministry. This program is designed for individuals who hold a Master of Divinity or its equivalent and have engaged in ministerial leadership.

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Doctor of Ministry

2014 brought significant revisions to ACU's Doctor of Ministry program. Historically, the program has offered fantastic resources to nurture and develop ministers and congregational leaders for the practice of ministry. That commitment remains!  What has changed are some of the ways in which the program creates opportunities for significant growth, learning, and reflection for ministers. 

The new program features new commitments to spiritual formation, mentoring for students, contextualized courses held in live and dynamic ministry contexts across the country, and ways of fostering collegiality and peer-learning through networks and online tools. Additionally, those who enter into the Doctor of Ministry program will have the opportunity to focus their learning on one of three tracks that address real and vital needs for churches and organizations. Whether it is Preaching for Community Transformation, Christian Spiritual Formation, Leadership for Missional Renewal, or a customized program from the variety of seminar offerings and faculty resources, incoming students will have a remarkable journey of learning, collegiality, and spiritual development ahead of them. 

To sum up the new program, a D.Min. from ACU is not merely about being a better minister. Rather, this program is designed to develop your theological skills and leadership awareness so you foster the making of disciple-makers for the sake of God's mission in the world. Mission, leadership, formation, preaching, worship, and so much more are on the table. In the years to come, we believe that ACU's program will demonstrate the power of advanced learning--not for its own sake--but for the sake of God's mission.

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 Summer 2017
  • January 15, 2017

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For some, the journey to victory can be pretty grueling. Such was the case for Danny Mercer, preaching minister for Friendswood Church of Christ near Houston. After suffering from a cancerous brain tumor, he beat the disease and completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at ACU in 2013.


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Danny's journey


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